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Rome Excursion to Venice (Incl. Venice Hop on/off Cruise)
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Rome Excursion to Venice (Incl. Venice Hop on/off Cruise)

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Italy is a beautifull country with many cities that offer culture, great food and history. That is why there is so much more to see outside Rome that more and more tourists choose to go for a daytrip outside the city.

Excursions to other cities are often organized by touroperators who offer transportation to other cities outside Rome which include a very busy programme with guided tours, lunches, museum visits and much more!

But our bus transfers are suitable for those travellers who like to set up their own programme, determine what they want to do themselves but do like the bus transfer from Rome and back.

Venice is a city that you can´t compare with any city on the world. The canals give the city an unique character. When you take a Gondola Ride or visit the Doge´s Palace you will experience where this city is about. A must see!

The ticket includes the Hop on Hop off Cruise in Venice. With the Hop on Hop off Cruise you have an easy and efficient way to travel through the city and at the same time explore all the highlights of Venice. You can hop on and off at the following stops:
  1. Ferrovia Compartimentale – S. Lucia 
  2. Tronchetto 
  3. Stazione Marittima (Terminal Crociere)
  4. San Marco (Giardinetti  Reali)
  5. Lido SME (pontile ACTV)
  6. Murano (Pontile Fornace Ferro)
  7. Zattere ( Incurabili)

How does it work?

Select the date of travel when you want to go from Rome to Venice and select if you want a one way or a two way ticket. If you select two way ticket you can inform us about the date of return at the end of the booking process/payment. 

What is included?

Bus ticket from Rome to Venice (optional: also 2 way ticket)
Reserved seat in the bus
WiFi onboard
Ticket for the Hop on Hop off Cruise in Venice

What is not included?

Programme in Venice with guided tours (ideal for the individual traveller)
Drinks or food in the bus (we recommend to bring some snacks and water)


9-10 hours (no stops)

Departure time:

8.00h (a stop in Verona)
10.00h (a stop in Bologna)
When you want to travel back from Venice to Rome it is not possible to travel back on the same day. After your booking we will contact you to determine the date and time of your travel from Venice to Rome when you select a two way ticket). You can find more information on your voucher. 

Departure location Rome: 

Bus station Largo Guida Mazzoni, Rome. You can find a detailed map and more details on your voucher. 

Arrival and departure location Venice

Isola Nova del Tronchetto, Venice